Note: Please complete sections A through D, then present this application to the Association Office at least 1 week
  prior to the Monthly Board Meeting which occurs at 7pm, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Name:________________________________________________________ Date:________________________
A   Address:___________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone:______________________________________ Cell:____________________________________
Describe all work to be done (i.e., replace fence, build shed, paint house)______________________________
B   Describe all materials to be used (i.e., treated wood, concrete, siding, etc.)____________________________
Provide color sample or online link of each material used (i.e., Trex, Brick, Siding, Shingles, etc.)_________
    Please draw your new structure in relation to your lot and house:  
Note: Clearly outline the footprint of your lot and house in relationship to your neighbors. This sketch
should represent the location & dimensions of the fence/structure to be erected or surface created.
Please include paint color chips if your construction will include painting.
  Please use the back of the paper if needed.
        If the application is for the construction of a fence, complete the following in feet & inches:
  Fence Height:               Fence Length:              Fence Color:  
   I am the legal owner of the property listed above and agree that the requested project will be 
completed within nine (9) months of approval date, and that I may be charged late fees if it is not 
D   completed on time. As the Homeowner, I am responsible for obtaining all necessary County Permits.
  Signed______________________________________________ Date________________________
  If a site visit is necessary prior to a decision being reached, the time needed to approve your request
may be extended.  
Date                         > > This Section for Committee use only < <    
Received To Committee         Status to Homeowner      Completion Date
E       Date Approved Denied Verbal Phone Letter    
_____________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ____________________