Community Service

We are happy to work with anyone who needs documented community service hours. Students attending schools in the Everett Public School District are often required to volunteer a designated number of service hours before they graduate. The Olympus I Homeowner's Association has worked with students, teachers and other adults in coordinating such projects.

For example, this website was designed by University of Washington student, Josh Citron. He needed to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours toward a community service project in order to fulfill a course requirement in the Communications Department. 

Ali Syed of Corpocolor, based in Mountlake Terrace, has relatives living in the Olympus I Homeowner's Association.  As his corporate, community service project for the year, he initiated cleaning up and restoring the basketball court in May's Pond Park. He donated his time, labor, paint and tools to complete this 4 day project and did an excellent job.

Members of the Puppy Guides Club of Snohomish County have also  volunteered a tremendous amount of time and energy to help cut back blackberry bushes, trim and chip branches, and repair trails in May's Pond Park. 

If you or someone else you know is in search of a worthwhile volunteer project, please contact the Office Manager at 425-481-8400.  You can propose and design your own project (with approval from the OIHA Board of Directors) or select one from the numerous projects listed here Current Projects.