Current Projects

Volunteer help is needed to accomplish the following OIHA improvements.  Please contact the Office Manager if you would like to assist with any of these ongoing projects:

--  Rebuild the Park Bridges.

--  Help Restore the May's Pond Baseball Field.

--  Remove Cement Slabs from the Park.

--  Cut Back the Blackberry Bushes (everywhere).

--  Repaint the Stripes in the Parking Lot.

--  Clear and Repair all Park Trails.

--  Replace the Clubhouse Deck with Trex Decking.

--  Repair, Pressure Wash and Stain the Playground Equipment.

--  Update the Playground Equipment.

--  Move Pea Gravel off of the Playground Paths.

--  Work with the Residents along Palomino Drive to cleanup backyard
     dump sites in May's Pond Park.