History of May's Pond

Many years ago, a visit was made to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cheirrett, owners of the 5 acre farm that used to exist on the west side of Brook Blvd., at 180th Street.  This land was recently sold and developed. The Cheirrett's old farmhouse and barn were removed in 2005.  In their place are 57 brand new, stand-alone condominiums now known as the Wisteria development.

The following historical facts were shared by the Cheirrett family before they left the area.  The farmhouse was built by a Mr. Cameron in 1902. The Cheirretts bought "Poplar Manor," as it was often called, on November 15, 1957. Until Boise Cascade bought the adjoining property, Mr. Cheirrett and many neighborhood fishermen enjoyed excellent trout fishing in the pond. There was also a salmon run, and sunfish were abundant in the pond until a former owner had them all removed. Local youthful fishermen also once caught bass in the pond.

So, what happened to the salmon? The steep outrun from the pond was always tricky for the salmon to negotiate, so Mr. Cheirrett dug and maintained a more gentle channel through his property for them. But, Boise Cascade, when re-routing the stream to avoid Brook Blvd., built such a steep runoff from the big pond that the salmon could not negotiate it, thus destroying the run.

Boise Cascade also filled in a smaller pond called May's Pond to the east of Brook Blvd., so named because, for years, Mr. May had drawn water from it for his cattle. Mr. May and Mr. Cheirrett were very upset by Boise Cascade's action of naming the pond. To "appease" them, Boise Cascade changed the name of their development from "Olympus" (the original name of the big pond) to "May's Pond."

Boise Cascade Building Company (the original developer) started to build homes in May's Pond in 1968. The first Homeowners Meeting was held on September 30, 1969, with Mr. Robert J. Watt, operations manager of Boise Cascade, and Mr. Terry Irwin, sales manager, presiding over the meeting. At that time there were less than 50 homes here. Building was very slow.

The first election of the Olympus I Homeowners Association, Inc. Board of Directors was held on January 5, 1972. In 1978, the last new home was sold in May's Pond, bringing the total number of homes located in the Association to 341.