Neighborhood Watch Home Security Tips

Lock your home even when you are home:

Do you lock your doors while you are in your home?
Is your front door locked when you are in your backyard (and visa versa)?
Do you lock your home even when you leave for only a few minutes?
Do you keep your garage doors closed and locked at all times?

Does your home look occupied?

Do you leave a light on indoors, and outside too?
Do you leave a radio, TV, etc. on when you are not home?
While on vacation do you:
Have a neighbor watch your house?
Have someone move your shades or blinds?
Collect mail and papers (or have them held)?
Mow the lawn or shovel the snow?

Make your yard more secure:

Do you keep bikes, sports equipment, lawn equipment, etc. locked up and out of sight? How about tools, ladders, etc?

Do you have a fence that neighbors can see through or over to prevent burglars and thieves from working in private?

Are shrubs trimmed below window level or (for taller bushes) up 4 - 6 feet so no one can hide behind them?

Do exterior lights light up what you want? What is in darkness? Is that ok? A low ambient light can give good visibility without intruding on your neighbors and without making the shadows even darker.

Are your house numbers visible from the street, so emergency personnel can find you even when they have never been there before? Numbers should be 6 - 8" tall, visible (under light at night) or reflective from the street.