Join A Committee:

If you would like to join an OIHA Committee or start a new one, please call the Office or attend the next Board Meeting. The meetings take place at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse on the second Tuesday of every month. The following standing committees welcome your participation:

Welcoming Committee:

Greets new residents moving into the Olympus I Homeowners Association and delivers a Welcome Package to each family.

Architectural Committee:

Reviews the Architectural Applications submitted each month and presents a summary at each Board Meeting.

BlockWatch Committee: 

Works with the BlockWatch Captains and all OIHA residents who have signed up to participate in this program.  Maintains the email database and sends out periodic alerts to advise residents of criminal activity in the neighborhood.

Landscaping Committee: 

Helps to maintain May's Pond Park and greenbelt areas.  Works with the the hired landscaping and mowing service to keep the trails open, clean up windstorm debris, trim and weed.  Initiates new projects to increase usability of the Park and Common Areas.  Works with Snohomish County to safe-guard the protected wetland areas.
Playground Committee:

Supervises the maintenance of all Playground equipment. Will research and develop a plan to update and replace the old equipment and help figure out cost-effective ways to accomplish this goal. 

Social Events Committee: 

Plans the major social events offered to OIHA members each year.  These include the well-attended Halloween Pit Stop, the new Fourth of July Celebration, and the annual CPR class offered to all residents. New ideas are welcome.