Operation I.D. Program

What is Operation I.D.? You mark your property with your Driver's License number as a means of discouraging burglary and theft. When you do so and you display an "Operation I.D." sticker in your window, burglaries and thefts can be dramatically reduced!

Example: WASMITHTR455CMDL (State abbreviation)(Your Drivers License Number)(Drivers License).

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office encourages you and your neighbors to use Operation I.D. as a strong deterrent to crime and as an aid in catching criminals. Engraving or marking your property with your driver's license number is an important part of our BlockWatch Program. When you engrave your property and display your "Operation I.D." stickers, you are letting the bad guys know that you are not an easy victim.

In the state of Washington all people pawning items must show picture identification. Pawnshops are reluctant to accept property that has different I.D. than what is engraved on the items, and thieves know they cannot easily pawn those items.

If you do not want to engrave an item, take a photo or video record (including a text describing the item) using a ruler or other measurable item next to the property for proportional accuracy. This video/photo inventory can be a valuable record for law enforcement as well as for your insurance records.

Know what you own and report any thefts to law enforcement. When you do so, include your engraved I.D. numbers, brand, model, and serial numbers whenever possible.

For more information:
South Precinct: 425-744-6868
North Precinct: 425-388-7939
East Precinct: 360-805-6770
or visit Operation I.D. directly at