You must return this form to the Office before Pool access will be allowed.

Homeowners must complete an annual Pool Registration Form before Pool access will be permitted each season. Only the individuals who reside full-time in your OIHA home are eligible to register. Visiting family members and/or friends will be allowed access to the Pool as Guests only at the discretion of the Pool Attendants, space permitting. For named residents to be admitted, Homeowner dues and fines must be current and this form must be on file at the Office. Pool Attendants are not authorized to accept payments. Payments must be made in person at the Office or sent to the Association's mailing address.

 To avoid any misunderstanding at the Pool gate, please take the time now to complete this form. You may give your Pool privilege to your tenant by entering the appropriate names in the resident section of the form, and having both parties sign at the bottom.

Parents: Be advised that Pool Rule D states: Swim diapers required on all children not toilet trained.



(If rented, Non-Homeowner Occupied)

 PROPERTY ADDRESS_________________________________________PHONE_________________

 Only full-time residents living in your household may be included on this Registration Form.

Those who register non-residents will not be allowed to use the Pool for the remainder of the Season.

               Name Of Child/Adult                                                                          Birth Date  (Required)     

 1.________________________________                                                   _______________________

 2.________________________________                                                  ________________________

 3.________________________________                                                  ________________________

 4.________________________________                                                   ________________________

 5.________________________________                                                   ________________________

 6.________________________________                                                  ________________________

  NAME OF DAYCARE PROVIDER (18 OR OVER)________________________________________

 I HAVE READ THE POOL RULES TO MY CHILDREN, and the above named individuals understand and will adhere to the Olympus I Pool Rules.        (INITIAL)_____________

 It is the Pool Attendant's responsibility to monitor usage, and adhere to the Pool Rules provided by the Association. Any concerns or questions regarding the Pool should be brought to the attention of the Office Manager or the OIHA Board of Directors, not to the Pool Attendant. Please return the completed form to the Clubhouse Office or mail it to: OIHA, P.O. Box 12018, Mill Creek, WA 98082-0018. There is a locking mailbox on the Clubhouse gate if the Office is closed.


 RENTER (IF RENTED):__________________________________ DATE:__________________

Rev. 4-2011