A.  Swimming is prohibited unless Pool Attendant is present. All swimmers swim at their own risk. While Pool is in use, there must be a minimum of 2 people within the Pool area. All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult in the Pool area. Children 5 and under must have an adult IN THE POOL WITH THEM. Failure to do so will result in a $250.00 fine to The Homeowner. Children 13 to 17 years old bringing a guest must have proof that their guest is 13+ years old, i.e., high school student body card. For everyone’s safety no more than 5 children under age 13 per adult. Additionally, no more than 3 children under age 8 per adult can be in the pool at anytime. Children under the age of 13 coming with a non-parental adult, i.e., a neighbor or caretaker cannot bring guests.

B.     GUESTS:  Will be allowed at the discretion of the Pool Attendant. Guests must leave with their sponsoring member. Caretakers are not allowed to bring guests.

C.  Proper swim wear required. No frayed or unhemmed clothing.

D.     Swim diapers are required on all children not toilet trained. Failure to use a swim diaper for these children will result in a $250.00 fine to the Homeowner. A second violation will result in removal of Pool privileges for the remainder of the summer. Diapers must be changed in the restrooms and disposed of properly.

E.   A rinsing shower is required before entering the Pool. Any hair longer than shoulder length should be braided or secured in a ponytail. 

F.      No persons with a communicable disease including vomiting or diarrhea in the last two weeks may use the Pool.

G.     Persons with seizure, heart or circulatory problems should not swim alone.

H.     An Emergency Phone and First-Aid Kit are located at the Pool Attendant’s table. Pool Attendants are not medically trained.

I.        NO RUNNING OR HORSEPLAY IN OR AROUND THE POOL. Absolutely no running, pushing, dunking or riding on another’s shoulders.

J.       Because of the 6-foot depth of the Pool, NO DIVING IS ALLOWED.

K.   Children's fins, snorkels and inner tubes allowed at Pool Attendant's discretion. No hard balls,

i.e., tennis balls, allowed.

L.  No GLASS of any kind allowed in the Pool Area.

M.  No food or drink allowed in the Pool. Chewing gum is not allowed in the Pool area.

N.  No person believed to be under the influence or in possession of alcohol or drugs allowed in Pool Area.

O.   No skateboards, scooters, bicycles or other vehicles allowed in the Pool area.

P.   No pets allowed in the Pool area. (Service Dogs Exempt.)

Q.  There is no lifeguard on duty at any time. There is a Pool Attendant to control conduct. All Pool activity is done at your own risk.

R.  NO SMOKING, INCLUDING ELECTRONIC and VAPOR CIGARETTES, allowed within the gated Pool area.

S.  Non-Swimmers will be restricted to the shallow end of the Pool.

T.  Per Article VII Section 1 of the Olympus I Homeowners Assoc. Bylaws, any occurrence of misconduct or violation of any type of Pool rules may result in expulsion from the Pool area by the Pool Association representative and may include suspension of Pool and common area privileges for a period not to exceed 60 days.

U.  Vulgar language and excessive profanity will not be permitted in the Pool area.

V.  This is your Pool – it is up to you to keep it clean.

W.  SWIMMING TIMES:     Will be posted at the Pool.

As Homeowners and members of the Association, it is your duty and responsibility to follow these posted rules. It is also important that these rules be understood by each Pool user before they enter the Pool Area.  Children and/or adults not obeying the rules and regulations will be asked to leave.  Thank you for your cooperation.  We wish you a safe and enjoyable summer!                           REV. 3-2016