OIHA Frequently Asked Questions

ATTITUDE:  A positive attitude is most appreciated when contacting your neighbors, the Office Manager or the OIHA Board of Directors. 

ANIMAL CONTROL: To report stray or problem animals call 425-388-3440 or

ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS:  The maximum annual assessment may be increased each year, not more than 3 percent above the maximum assessment for the previous year, without a vote of the membership.

APPLIANCE RECYCLING: 10105 Airport Way, Snohomish, WA 98290. Phone: 360-568-6003. They accept appliances. For refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners, they will pick up from your driveway or garage for a $45 fee. If you deliver and drop off, the fee is $25. For a washer, dryer or dishwasher, the pick up from your driveway or garage fee is $35, or the drop off at their location is free.

ARCHITECTURAL APPLICATIONS: Can be downloaded from the Rules and Regulations page on this website or picked up at the Office.

BARKING DOGS:  Talk to the owner first. Call 911 or Animal Control to complain if there is no resolution.

BLOCKWATCH PROGRAM:  Email MaysPondBlockWatch@gmail.com to add your name and contact information to the BlockWatch Alerts database, or to send a crime alert.  

BOARD MEETINGS:  7:00 PM at the Clubhouse on the second Tuesday of every month.

BUILDING PERMITS:  Snohomish County Planning and Development Services (PDS), 3000 Rockefeller Ave., Everett, WA 98201. Phone: 425-388-3311.  (Customer Service Center, Admin East, 2nd Floor.)  

COMMUNITY TRANSIT:  Route, schedule and fare information is available  at www.CommunityTransit.org, by phone at 425-353-RIDE or 800-562-1357, and by email at Riders@CommTrans.org.

DUCKS AND GEESE:  All of May's Pond wildlife are protected.  Please report  individuals who harass, maim or kill ANY Mays Pond animals to 911 and to the Office Manager.

DUES:  Billing dates are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Any dues which go beyond the 30-day due date will be considered delinquent. Interest on delinquent accounts will be charged at a rate of 8 1/2% per annum.

FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Fire District 7, 8010 180th Street SE, Snohomish, WA 98296.  Phone: 425-486-1217.

GRAFFITI: Please call or email the Office Manager to report graffiti in May's Pond Park, the Playground, or any other Common Area.

GREATER BOTHELL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: P.O. Box 1203, Bothell, WA 98041.  Phone: 425-485-4353.

GREATER MILL CREEK SENIORS: Branch of Northshore Senior Center, 15720 Main St., Mill Creek, WA 98012. Phone:  425-948-7170.

GUNS:  No firearms of any kind are allowed in the OIHA Common Areas including the Playground and Park. This includes BB Guns, Paintball Guns, slingshots or any other weapons that can cause injury.  Anyone caught using such devices in these off-limits areas will be fined as stipulated in the OIHA Rules and Regulations. 

HALLOWEEN PIT STOP:  6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Clubhouse.

HAZARDOUS WASTE:  Each year accidental poisonings and fires caused by improperly stored household hazardous wastes send hundreds of Snohomish County residents to area emergency rooms. Please take your unused paints, pesticides, and solvents to the Snohomish County Drop-Off Station in Everett (3434 McDougall Ave.) for free disposal, or to a Roundup Event in your area. Call 425-388-6050 for more details or visit:

HEATHERWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL:  1419 Trillium Blvd. SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012.  Phone: 425-385-6300. More information can be found at www.cms.Everett.k12.wa.us/Heatherwood.

HOUSE RENTALS:  A signed form from the legal owner(s) of the rental property must be on file at the Clubhouse Office before tenants are entitled to use the Pool, Clubhouse or other Common Areas of the Olympus I Homeowners Association. The required form is mailed to all rental property Homeowners with their January billing statement and must be completed annually.

ILLEGALLY PARKED CARS:  Call 911 to report abandoned, unlicensed, expired tabs, or illegally parked vehicles on the street.

JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL:  1508 136th St. SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012.  Phone: 425-385-7000. More information can be found at www.Everett.k12.wa.us/Everett/H.M. Jackson.

LEAVES:  Please make every effort to rake up your fall leaves in a timely manner.  Letting the wind take care of your yard clean up moves your problem to a neighbor's property.  Please show leaf etiquette.

LITTER:  Help keep our community clean by picking up litter whenever possible, and by not dropping it in the first place.

MILL CREEK POST OFFICE:  15833 Mill Creek Blvd., Mill Creek, WA 98012.  Phone: 425-379-8698 or 1-800-275-8777.

NEWSLETTER:  May's Pond News is published quarterly. Please submit your story ideas and/or copy-ready ad copy to the Office Manager by the 10th of each month.

NOISE CURFEW:  According to Snohomish County regulations, it is 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  Call 911 to report violations.

PARK HOURS: May's Pond Park closes at 10:00 PM or one hour after sunset, whichever is earlier.

PARKING LOT:  There is a parking lot for Clubhouse use only across the street from the Clubhouse and Pool. Any unauthorized vehicles parked there for more than 72 hours will be towed away at the owner's expense.

PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT:  To expedite repair, please report any damaged equipment to the Office Manager by phone or email.

POOL HOURS:  Opening and closing dates and pool hours are posted in the Newsletter, at the Clubhouse, and on the Pool page of this website.

POTHOLES: Call Snohomish County Public Works Road Maintenance at 425-388-3488.

PROVIDENCE WALK-IN CLINIC: 12800 Bothell-Everett Highway, Everett, WA 98208.  Phone: 425-316-5150.

PSE:  Puget Sound Energy, 10885 NE 4th Street, P.O. Box 97034, Bellevue, WA  98009.  Phone: 1-888-225-5773. More information can be found at www.PSE.com.

PUBLIC LIBRARY:  Hammit Public Library, 15429 Bothell-Everett Highway, Mill Creek, WA  98012.  Phone: 425-337-4822.

PUD: Snohomish County PUD, 2320 California St. Everett, WA 98201. Phone: 425-783-1000 or 1-877-783-1000. More information can be found at www.Snopud.com.

SALMON PROTECTION:  May's Pond and all streams leading to and from the Pond are protected wetland areas important for Salmon Conservation. To learn more about state efforts being made to protect salmon go to:  wsfa.wa.gov/Conservation/Salmon.

SNOHOMISH COUNTY INFORMATION:  Phone: 425-388-3411. More information can be found at http://snohomishcountywa.gov.

SNOHOMISH COUNTY SHERIFF:  15928 Mill Creek Blvd., Mill Creek, WA 98012.  Phone: 425-388-5250, 911, NON-EMERGENCY: 425-407-3999.

SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS: In any assessment year, a special assessment applicable to that year only, for the purpose of defraying, in whole or in part, the cost of any construction, reconstruction, repair or replacement of a capital improvement of the Common Area is possible provided that any such assessment shall have the assent of two-thirds of the votes of Members who are voting in person or by proxy at a meeting duly called for this purpose.

SPEEDERS:  Call 911 to request stronger enforcement.

STORM DRAINS:  Urban storm water runoff affects water quality by transporting surface pollutants via interconnecting underground pipes to the nearest body of water. The damaging culprits are oil, sediment, nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen), heavy metals, toxic chemicals and garbage.  Help save our salmon. Please keep your storm drains clear of dirt and debris and DUMP NO WASTE.  Nothing but rain should go down the drains.

STREET LIGHTS:  Call Snohomish County PUD 425-783-1000 and provide the closest address to any burned out street light, or complete an online report with Snohomish PUD at:  http://www.snopud.com/AboutUs/ContactUs/streetlight.ashx?p=1736.

STREET SIDEWALKS: Report cracked sidewalks to Snohomish County Public Works for free repair. Phone: 425-388-3488.

STREET SIGNS:  To report damaged or knocked down signs call Snohomish County Public Works at 425-388-3488. More information can be found at http://snohomishcountywa.gov/418/Road-Maintenance.

SOUND TRANSIT:  401 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104. Phone: 888-889-6368 or email at main@soundtransit.org. More information can be found at www.SoundTransit.org.

WEEDS:  Uncontrolled dandelions spread seeds to neighboring properties. Weed control is an important CC&R requirement that will be enforced.

WASTE MANAGEMENT:  Waste Management Inc., 6211 234th Street SE, Woodinville, WA 98072.  Phone:  800-592-9995. More information can be found at www.WM.com.

WATCHABLE WILDLIFE:  May's Pond residents are fortunate to share our habitat with a variety of wild critters. To learn more about the pleasures of wildlife viewing here at home and throughout our state go to: wdfw.wa.gov/Viewing.

WATER OVER STREETS: Call Snohomish County Public Works Road Maintenance at 425-388-3488.

WETLANDS:  "Fabulous Wetlands" is a wacky and entertaining video featuring "Bill Nye, the Science Guy," talking about the importance of wetlands.  Seven minutes. Available from: Washington State Department of Ecology; Wetlands Education Unit, Mail Stop PV-11; Olympia WA 98504. Phone: 360-407-7291. More information can be found and videos can be ordered at: www.ecy.wa.gov/Programs/Sea/Wetlands/Education.html.

WILDLIFE PROTECTION:  To learn more about wildlife issues in our state go to:  wdfw.wa.gov/Conservation/Habitat.

WOODSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  17000 23rd St. S.E., Bothell, WA 98012.  Main Office: 425-385-7800.  Report Absences: 425-385-7805. More information can be found at: www.cms.Everett.k12.wa.us/Woodside.